Summer in December

I don't have anything specific to write about, but it's just been a while. The warm weather is messing with my brain. I'm having a hard time getting in the Christmas mood when we're playing outside in light jackets everyday and haven't seen any decent snow yet. Beckett and I are loving the warm days though, we are not complaining. He loved helping his Dad clean up the leaves this weekend. He is becoming such a little helper/copy cat. When I'm sweeping, he gets out the other broom to help me. When I'm cutting vegetables, I've started giving him a carrot and butter knife to "cut" it with. He insists that it's on the cutting board with my vegetables though and not the counter. If I brush my teeth, he instantly gets in the drawer for his tooth brush. My favorite thing is he now loves sitting on his little potty. I know it's too early for potty training, but he loves doing everything we do so I figure it won't hurt if let him sit on it when he wants to. 

We have a new word to add to his little vocabulary list: yogurt. Well it's actually pronounced, "gu". This morning I woke up to Beckett calling "mooooooooooom" from his crib. It was the absolute sweetest sound to wake up to. 

Beckett is sick right now for the first time. Last winter he had a cough for a little while and although I was freaking out, he didn't have any other symptoms and was fine. Today he has a fever and threw up at the park. At first I was loving all the cuddle time I was getting, but now I just miss seeming my happy boy running around. It's breaking my heart to see him so lethargic and sad. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help and he will be over it soon.