Beckett's First Birthday

Beckett's first birthday was spent camping in the Uintas. Some of our family camped with us, and some just came up for his party. When I looked around at all the people that came, I just wanted to tell him what a lucky kid he is to have such an awesome and loving family! 

We spent almost three days in the Uintas and didn't get rained on... it was truly a birthday miracle. Not only that, but the weather was perfect, the bugs left us alone, and we had this gorgeous river right next to camp for the kids to play in. 

Before the party we went hiking, and once he fell asleep I took a deep breath and decided it was time to put his giant cupcake together. I'm shocked and pleased that it survived my subpar cooking abilities, the two hour drive, and being frosted. It actually turned out! Beckett dipped his fingers in a few times, but was unsure about the whole "smash" part of his smash cake. We enlisted the help of his cousin, Alyssa to show him how it's done. Because his newest fascination is eating with a fork, he was really excited when I handed him one. I can't believe he ate his smash cake with a fork haha. The two babies ate their weight in frosting, but hardly made a dent in the cake, so I handed forks to all the older cousins and they devoured it in about 30 seconds. 

We opened presents, cooked hamburgers, roasted hot dogs, and enjoyed being outside. I think we're going to make camping for his birthday a tradition. It's definitely fun to celebrate his birthday, but a giant camping trip with our entire family every year is a tradition I would love to start.