Why God Created Naps

God created baby naps because without them the human race would die of exhaustion and become extinct. Just because they are growing they don't really need that much sleep when they are little. I'm growing every day and I don't need that much sleep. It's for the parent's sake. 

Mark was out of town for work the entire week (part of the reason I stayed with my parents for a few days). Even though Beckett's two top teeth are about to pop through any day, he was really really good. Being on our own all day for several days in a row can be tiring and creepy at night though. I'm so glad he is back! 

With this recent round of teething he has actually shown a little interest in Sophie. Definitely not twenty dollars worth of interest, but a maybe their relationship will continue to grow. We are using Orajel at night, but because he doesn't have a fever I'm trying my best to avoid Tylenol. As long as we stay busy he seems to do pretty good. And it's a good excuse for both of us to eat endless amounts of popsicles.

This is my last week before returning to work. Because I know that it's only three days a week, it doesn't seem so bad. In fact, I'm looking forward to it a little bit. If I was returning full time I would really be struggling though. I think it's good for Beckett to spend time with other adults and kids in different environments. It's also good for me to get away a little bit and have something I love doing away from home. I'm a little nervous about accomplishing everything I need to at work in a fraction of the time, but because I work with such amazing people I know it will all work out. 

The bottom two pictures are a little blurry, but too funny not to share. This kid is into everything

Time for a hair cut!