Fairy Forest

We have spent most of this week staying with my parents. It's cooler there, the food is better, it's much more exciting for Beckett, and the company is great! Without Mark around, I was busy keeping Beckett from eating rocks and tearing my mom's living room apart so I didn't take many pictures. We went to the fairy forest up the Mirror Lake Highway and it awesome. I'm making plans to take my kids there when they are little for a "hike" and just happen to stumble upon the fairy forest. They are going to freak. 

Beckett loved watching the goats and chickens. He seemed confused by the chickens, but the goats were definitely called "dogs". Today is the 24th and we usually spend it in Kamas, but this year we decided to go to the Ogden parade and spend of the rest of the day at home. My favorite part is the rodeo which is much too late for Beckett anyway, so we're saving that for next year. 

After chatting with my Mom I decided I'm not going to try to wean Beckett onto bottles of goat's milk. Nothing beats good old fashioned motherly advice, not even Google. This week we're down to nursing just once during the day (besides morning and night), and next week it will just be morning and night. Other than that, he doesn't really need milk during the day as long as he is eating well and getting lots of fat and calcium in his diet. It's such a relief! The process of pumping, warming up the goats milk, and making the bottle was making me feel tied to home and just a big pain. Now it's the opposite, I have this new sense of freedom and it's wonderful! It's ok if he wakes up from his nap when we're out of the house. I don't have to find a place to nurse him and I don't have to pack bottles or pump at all. Woooohooooo! If I'm only doing morning and night, I may go a little longer than a year. I always said I would stop at a year and any longer was just creepy, but it is so good for him and will definitely help prevent him from getting sick this winter. I'm not sure how long my body will let me do that for, but we'll just see as we go. And I'm nervous I'm going to blow up like the blueberry girl on Willy Wonka as soon as I stop.