Beckett started to crawl this week! Sometimes he alternates between scooting and crawling now, especially on the wood floors, but he has definitely got it down! He is also walking with his walker and pulling himself up on everything. There was a span for about 5 nights right around the time he learned to crawl that he was sleeping horribly. I don't really follow the whole Wonder Week thing, because I feel like I will constantly be in anticipation of the next "wonder week" and it will just draw attention to the fact that he is grouchy or not sleeping well. But from the little that I have read about it, I would say this was definitely a Wonder Week because there was so much going on in his brain as he's learning all these new skills so quickly. I also came across a few articles that mentioned a major 10 month developmental growth spurt that messes with sleep and makes babies extra clingy, which he was. Luckily it all last about a week and things seem back to normal. I haven't written much because our days are just blurs of getting together with friends, hiking, swimming, bike rides, and popsicles. It's seriously heaven.