Spring Cleaning

Usually when Saturday rolls around I want to go somewhere..... see something..... do something exciting! We end up playing all weekend and as a result my house is falling apart. It is in definite need of some spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a new concept to me because we've always lived in apartments and never stayed one place longer than a year. There has never been a need for deep cleaning! Today we got down to business and got a few projects out of the way. When I say we, I mostly mean Mark. I take care of Beckett and in between feeding, diaper changes, and teething tantrums (these are new), I help where I can. It works out because Mark is better at housey projects than I am anyway, and it just so happens that I'm better at feeding Beckett than he is. After months of washing dishes by hand like a pioneer (woe is me), we finally have a dish washer. Our garage is now somewhat organized. And I gave my porch and front door a little TLC in an effort to begin beautifying the outside of our house. We have a lot of work to do. 

Several weeks ago I put my Moby Wrap away with a bunch of other newborn things. I have been using my Chicco front pack when I want to carry Beckett around for long periods of time, but it starts to hurt my back and shoulders after about 15 minutes. Also, carrying Beckett in front of me is like strapping a monster to your chest that reaches out and gobbles up anything in a 12-18 inch radius. It poses a real challenge if I'm trying to actually accomplish anything that requires the use of my hands. I needed to run a few errands today but Beckett isn't sitting up well enough for me to trust putting him in that seat on a shopping cart. And his 20+ pounds is way too much to carry him around in his car seat anymore. I decided to pull out the Moby Wrap and I'm so glad that I did! I forgot that you can use it long past the newborn stage. I was able to carry Beckett on my hip, basically hands free, and my back and shoulders didn't get tired at all. And he seems to last longer without getting fussy if I'm carrying him than if he is in his car seat. 

And just a reminder..... chicks dig chubby thighs.....