Teething, Stats, and Naps

4 Month Doctor's Visit
Well it's no surprise that Beckett is a big kid, but I was surprised to find out he is in the 95th percentile! Good job kiddo! He weighs 18 pounds and just seems to keep growing. He is in the 90th percentile for height and head size. His doctor said he is just healthy as could be and everything looked great.

Beckett has started teething.... dun dun dun. He is a little grouchier than normal in the day, but not bad at all. Between 6:00 pm and bedtime though he is a crazy man. Mark and I have been loving spending all day every day with him over Christmas break, but the other night Mark read my mind when he asked if it was time for Beckett to go to bed yet haha. A teething baby is exhausting! He hasn't loved any of his teething toys so far, but last night his Grandpa gave him an ice cube to suck on and he calmed right down.

Wake Time
Let me just say for the 50th time how much I have loved Babywise. It's eat, play, sleep on a three hourish routine has been great. Lately I've been having a hard time because Beckett has been staying awake for about an hour, and then sleeping for an hour. I want to stick with the routine so when he wakes up I feed him, but that means he is eating every two hours! Every two hours is tiring and tricky when we're trying to go places, but if I try to push it to three hours then he is eating right before he falls asleep which I don't want. One hour seems to be a good wake time for him, but today we're going to try extending it to 90 minutes. This will probably make him sleep a little longer and hopefully it will help him get closer to eating every three hours. If staying awake 90 minutes is too much for him then I will stick to 60 minutes and feeding him every two hours for now, and just hope it adjusts as he gets older.