Baby's First Christmas

We wrapped all Beckett's presents, unwrapped all his presents, and then set them up and played with them by ourselves haha. He is still a couple months away from being able to play with the toys, but once he is big enough we are ready to go! Christmas with a baby is so much more fun. Mark and I have always spent Christmas Eve and morning in Kamas, but this year we spent it at home with our little family. We made homemade Carmel Apple Spice (our Starbucks favorite), and a french toast casserole that was not so impressive. I think the Carmel Apple Spice will be a Christmas morning tradition, but the casserole will have to go. Afterwards we went to Kamas and spent time with our families. We took Beckett sledding for the first time, played games, and ate until we couldn't eat anymore. We also got to talk to Lauren on Skype and she was able to meet Beckett for the first time. I love that crazy girl and can't wait until she is home soon! 

Beckett loved all the people and excitement, but it tired him out quickly. By the end of the day he was a bit overstimulated and tired, but overall he was a great little traveler. It's crazy to think that next year he will be walking and opening his own presents!