Beckett's First Four Months

It's hard to believe how much Beckett has changed in the first four months. He went from skinny mini baby to hunker chunker man in no time. I wanted to compile the few videos we have of Beckett at the hospital, his first time coming home and meetings the dogs, and a few we've taken on our phones since. We don't have very many videos, and they are kind of poor quality, but they are precious to me. A friend sent me this song while I was pregnant and ever since I feel like it's kind of my song to Beckett. I'm a big pile of mush these days and Mark came home from work to find me at the kitchen table in tears as I put the video together haha. I can't wait for him to grow up, and I wish he would stay just how he is forever...... all at the same time.

Beckett 1-4 Months from Sunlight and Sound on Vimeo.