Optimal Wake Time

What is optimal wake time? It's finding the right amount of time in between naps. Once you have found the right amount of time your baby should not get grumpy, but still go to sleep fairly easily, sleep the age appropriate amount of time, and wake up happy. Like I said before, 60 minutes didn't seem right for Beckett because he was waking up after only 45 minutes. Now we've adjusted to 80-90 minutes of wake time and it's been great! He sleeps about 30 minutes longer, doesn't get grouchy before his nap, it takes me literally two minutes to lay him down, and he wakes up a happy camper! Also, I'm feeding him closer to every three hours now, instead of two which is a definite plus! 

Notice that Beckett has a bib on in every picture..... drool is flowing like Niagara Falls around here. 


Kira said...

It's drool city around here too!