4 Month Sleep Regression

I'm absolutely in love with this bracelet my parents gave me for Christmas. 

I keep hearing about the four month sleep regression. I have been hopeful that it was something Beckett would not go through, but it is here. He used to always either sleep through the night or maybe wake up once around 4:00. Lately he wakes up at least twice, sometimes three times. Rather than stress and figure out how to "fix" it, I'm going to trust that it's something his body needs to go through and that things will adjust back to how they used to be when he's ready. It takes him about ten minutes to eat and he goes right back to bed, so it isn't affecting my sleep too badly. As long as I don't stay up too late, I don't really mind getting up with him. He is such a noisy busy body during the day, but late at night he is so cuddly and peaceful that I sometimes really enjoy those sleepy moments. 


Dean and Rachel said...

Both of kids did this right at 4 months:( It will get better!!! LOVE the bracelet