First Hospital Trip- 38 Weeks

Mark and I got home from the hospital last night around midnight. No I did not think I was going into labor. My Dr. told me to start doing fetal kick counts every day and that I should feel him move about 10 times an hour. Up until two days ago I swear I have been feeling him 20 times an hour. He is one rambunctious kiddo. For two days I hardly felt a thing. Yesterday I couldn't remember feeling anything at work, and around dinner time I thought I felt something but it was weak. I called the hospital around 9:00 PM and they told me to eat a bunch of sugar and lay on my left side for an hour and that should get him moving. Orange juice and Cap'n Crunch didn't do the trick because I thought I felt something once, but again I wasn't sure. Although the last thing I wanted to do was leave the house at 10:00 and enter the hospital as the paranoid first time Mom, I would rather be safe than sorry. On the phone I was told that if I came in they would hook me up to a monitor real fast and just make sure everything looked good. Well it was a bigger ordeal than that. They took me to my own room, had me put on a hospital gown, and lay down in a bed. I had no idea how to put the gown on, but after doing it once I'm really glad I have a robe packed in my hospital bag. No matter how tight you tie those little strings your bum still hangs out! For some reason laying in the hospital bed kind of freaked me out. I have never had surgery or stayed in a hospital before. I suddenly felt like I was in an episode of Grey's Anatomy or something.

The first nurse thought that I came in because I thought I might be in labor. She told me that they would check me to see how far I was progressing. I think I surprised her by very quickly responding with a big NO. I am not in labor lady, I thought you were just going to listen to the baby's heart beat and send me on my way. They asked 1000 questions and hooked me up to the fancy little machine that monitored his heart beat and my contractions for 30 minutes. Everything looked good and they sent me home, but I still felt weird leaving because he wasn't moving much. Well it turns out this little stinker is going to be a trickster. On the drive home he was having a freaking party in my belly and bouncing around more than he has in days. I told him he is grounded when he comes out.


Glori Olsen said...

We totally did that with our first kid too. Nothing like dread, irritation, and a huge hassle to fill your evening. Glad he is okay!

Lara Kennard said...

Haha, that is a great story! I love that he's grounded when he comes out ;) So cute!

Mandy and Brian said...

That same thing happened on the day we were scheduled to go in for the induction. We left early to drive to Salt Lake and on the way there I realized I couldn't remember if I had felt Ellie kick at all the whole day. She usually was kicking like crazy, even in the end when they say it is too tight for them to move much. I got so worried and paranoid that we skipped dinner and went to the hospital early. Just the knowledge that everything is ok can make a big difference!