Contractions- 38 Weeks

I have contractions every day, and I have been having them for weeks. This week they have started to become a little stronger and more frequent, but very sporadic. Each time I have one I think, maybe this is it! And then of course it isn't it. I get a little disappointed when I have three or four together and then they go away. Today was the first time I felt them consistently through the day and tonight I had 6 in an hour. I was getting excited until about contraction #4, and by #5 I was thinking, "Holy cow I'm not ready to have a baby. I really hope these stop!" A slight period of panic, and then they stopped. I've been a bit antsy and anxious the past few days, but tonight I realized he is more than welcome to stay in there as long as his little heart desires. I doubt I'll ever feel ready, but a few more weeks can't hurt. I wish there was a formula to determine when you'll go into labor like: 10 contractions a day=2 weeks away. Something like that would be very helpful at this point.

I honestly feel better right now than I have in weeks. I think he must have dropped down a little bit because I never feel him in my ribs and it doesn't hurt when he moves anymore. My back doesn't hurt, I'm sleeping great, and sometimes I even forget how pregnant my body is. Today I tried to walk through the doorway my boss was standing in, which normally would be no problem. I turned sideways a little and my belly literally bounced off the door frame and I bounced into her. We had a good laugh, but it was pretty embarrassing. I just forget that big old stomach is out there sometimes and I don't fit places I used to!


Mandy and Brian said...

You are getting so close! We need to have you over for dinner before he comes. Then we'll just bring you dinner ;)