My Friend, The Couch- 34 Weeks

I thought about taking another updated picture next time I actually put on something more than sweats, but then I realized I wasn't sure when that was going to be..... possibly never. This is a more accurate depiction of what pregnant me looks like most of the time. What you can't see is the water, ice cream, popsicle stick, and cup of ice on the table next to me. I actually feel better when I'm out doing stuff, but the horrific heat has me a prisoner in my own home. I don't feel near as tired as I thought I would, and besides the foot in the ribs I already mentioned, I feel pretty good. I venture out for yoga in the morning, run a few errands afterwards, and then I don't dare step foot outside again until at least 7 for fear of melting the baby. 

How come in pictures us preggers always have our hands on our stomachs? I guess it's that way most of the time, not just pictures. When I was barely pregnant I remember seeing pregnant women around or looking at maternity photography and thinking, "Why is your hand always on your stomach? Stop rubbing your belly so much. It's very obvious you are huge and pregnant, you don't need to draw more attention to yourself. Just put your hands down woman!" And now I find myself constantly rubbing my tummy, using it as a place to prop my phone, and resting my hands there. It's just instinct I suppose, especially now that when he moves it often hurts. I guess I'm hoping that rubbing my stomach is a kind way of telling him to calm the heck down because he's killing my insides. 

Random thoughts:

-It's official. I can't paint my own toes. I'm not sure I want Mark doing it and I don't really enjoy pedicures, so I guess I'll just have ugly toes for the next 6 weeks. 

-Yesterday I swear my ribs were bruising so I got out the flashlight. If you shine the flashlight through your stomach the baby will often move towards the light or away from it. This time he did neither, I think he just kicked me harder. I can tell I'm going to be in trouble if he's already bossing me around. 

-I'm down to doctor's appointments every two weeks.

-When I was first pregnant and reading about all the changes to expect, I was especially freaked out when I came across the part about getting a hairy stomach and a dark line down the center. Well the time has come, and I really don't care. I'm more concerned about stretch marks and my belly button popping out, but neither of those have happened..... yet. 

-Things are picking up at work and I'm starting to go in more often, but I definitely have some time to spare. I'm still taking 1 and 2 hour photography appointments until the end of the month. If you're interested just let me know. I want to get in as many sessions as I can before I'm on maternity leave! 


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I'm thinking my bump pictures should probably depict what I actually look like most of the time, which is just as you said.. on the couch with a cup of something cold and popsicle sticks. I feel your pain in this heat, it's disgusting.