4.75 Pounds- 34 Weeks

Just as I was getting used to the feeling of him moving all around like a crazy man inside and not being weirded out by it, I'm now wishing it would stop. He is all up in my ribs and that is not a fun feeling! And this can only be the beginning, he still has probably another 3 pounds or so to gain! Holy cow I don't know where all that is going to go, I think I am maxed out. I can't even comprehend where my insides are moving to, but I know they are squished as can be! I've already mentioned the constant trips to the restroom, but now my diaphragm and stomach are joining in on the fun. One minute I'm so starving I may pass out and after sitting down to a giant meal I'm sure to I can finish, I feel full after two bites. Then an hour later I'm starving again! And I'm used to being short of breath when walking around and being busy, but now it's an effort to keep enough oxygen going to my brain even if I'm just sitting still. Maybe oxygen deprivation is the real reason for pregnancy brain.

Enough complaining though. I would take this uncomfortableness and the difficulty sleeping any day over the miseries of first trimester. I may be singing a different tune in a few weeks as he gets bigger, but for now I'm grateful to have energy and the ability to eat even if it feels like there is a wedge in between my ribs.

This weekend we had a wonderful baby shower at the Walkers. People have been so supportive and sweet all along I just can't thank everyone enough! We also spent some time up at Trial Lake with my family canoeing and sitting around the fire. I didn't do a whole lot, but I was very content to just sit and enjoy the rain, cooler weather, and the mountains. I would have stayed all week if my bed and body pillow weren't calling my name.

The hospital bag is almost packed. I can't believe I'm already to the point where I need to have a bag packed! I doubt I'll really need it for a good six weeks or so, but you never know! I'm just going to keep it in my car because I have this awful vision of my water breaking at work. Just one of the many possibilities. I've tried to imagine when, where, and how everything will happen when the time finally comes. I'm sure it will be the complete opposite of whatever I have in mind. I've got my fingers crossed for going into labor on my own (verses being induced) at 39 weeks. That would be give me plenty of time to tie up loose ends at work, deep clean whatever my nesting instincts tell me to (that I haven't already done), and purchase the last few things we need. If only it were that easy....