34 Weeks

  • While on the phone with my insurance company, I was very pleased to hear that with my plan there is not a limit to how many days I can stay at the hospital. I'm thinking the first three months sounds like a good idea..... no need to rush into things. 
  • I'm dreading..... DREADING my 36 week appointment. It's the cervix check of doom. My doctor said that technically I don't really have to do it. After a little bit of research I'm finding out that weather you're dilated or not, it doesn't really mean anything. You could go weeks being dilated at a 5, or not be dilated at all and go into labor the next day. Unless someone out there has a really strong argument on why I should endure such pain for what seems like no reason, I'm opting out. 
  • Thank heavens for shirts with side ruching. I bought one long, loose fitting shirt that just drapes over my belly like a table cloth... disgusting. I felt 5 times bigger than normal and it even had the awful tie in the back. I don't know what I was thinking. It was a pregnancy brain purchase. 
  • I'm starting to get a little stressed about being a working mom. I know it's going to be the best thing for our family and possibly for my sanity as well, but I know it's going to be hard at times. I feel very lucky that we don't have to send him to daycare and that we don't have work opposite schedules. We will go to work knowing that he is being very well taken care of and still have our evenings and weekends to spend together as a family. In a perfect world I would stay home, but I feel like we have a really good situation still. 
  • I am surprised that I haven't had any cravings this whole time. In fact, I've had the complete opposite where I don't care to eat any of my favorite foods. Very weird! 
  • I think it may be too soon to have reached the "nesting" phase, but there has been a lot of deep cleaning going on in this house lately. Today's project: slide out all of the furniture and vacuum and mop. I am scared to see what's under my couches. Maybe I can do the majority of the project with my eyes closed.
  • My electricity bill came. I just wanted to throw up while writing the check, but the second it was in the mail and I was sitting back inside my cool house, I realized it was worth it.