35 Weeks

Today is the beginning of my 35th week. I could be having this baby in as little as two weeks! I'm sure it will be longer, but it is a possibility! I still have to finish packing the hospital bag (it's harder than you might think), pre-register (also harder than you might think), and get a car seat (no excuse). The hospital bag is a tough one because it requires nursing..... stuff, and every time I go to the store I get overwhelmed at all the possibilities!

Overall I would say I'm feeling really good! No swollen canckles, not too much nausea, heartburn up the wall but that's my fault because I don't want to take the medicine for it, and I have some trouble sleeping, but plenty of energy to get through the day. I wish I could somehow fast forward past the next 6 weeks. I would get to skip the most uncomfortable part of being pregnant, and hopefully miss the entire trip to the hospital. Some women really look forward to the experience of delivering a baby; I would not be one bit sad if I missed out.

It's starting to get down right painful sometimes when he moves around. Luckily he didn't decide to stay lodged in my ribs for more than a few days, but that doesn't mean he can't give them a good jab a few times a day. When he pushes on my belly hard enough that it hurts and looks like I have an alien inside, I push right back. Is that bad? He's protected by all that water and goop in there, a little counter pressure to keep me from dying can't be a bad thing.

Piere the body pillow is no longer cutting it. It now requires 3 pillows when I go to bed. That's right, my belly now needs it's own zip code and pillow. It's big enough I have to stick something under there when I'm on my side or there's some major round ligament pain going on. I don't really know what round ligament pain is, but whenever it feels like my abs are ripping apart that's what I say.