Second Trimester is the Bomb- 26 Weeks

I'm almost in my third trimester, and let me tell you, this is the best I've felt yet. Besides my new clothing size and need to pee every 30 minutes, I basically feel myself again. My appetite is 100% back to normal. I never feel sick, hallelujah. I don't feel incredibly tired anymore. I'm officially in maternity clothes and people aren't just trying to guess if I'm pregnant or ate one too many donuts. I'm expecting from here on out I will feel the same (I'm praying that morning sickness doesn't return), but that that I will just get more uncomfortable. I'm not sure if 1st trimester or 3rd is worse, but like I said, I'm loving the second. I don't really have any milestones to look forward to anymore though, well besides the obvious big one. We know what we're having, I'm showing, we've picked a name, and I feel the baby move all the time. Now it's just the incredibly scary and exciting ending to look forward to. And I know the ending is just the beginning, but right now I think I can only handle one step at a time. I've never been so nervous, anxious, and excited in my life!