Mother's Day Weekend

This picture was taken while laying on my back in our yard.... my new favorite place to spend my time. (I don't want to get any lectures about laying on my back while pregnant, sometimes your sides just need a break!) 

The last several weekends have been very fun, and I haven't even been able to do the usually summery things I love thanks to my pregnant condition. It's giving me hope that this summer won't be a drag after all.

I had several photo shoots, which of course is one of my all time favorite things to be doing. We had friends over for dinner Friday and family over for dinner Sunday. During our apartment hopping years, I used to day dream about owning a house and having people over for dinner outside in the summer. I'm finally able to do that and it's just as awesome as I'd imagined. I love it when simple things like that can make you so happy! While my family was here we were able to Skype with my sister who is serving a mission in Kentucky. I miss her like crazy and it was great to hear her voice!

I didn't really expect that this Mother's Day I would be considered a mother, but Mark of course was so sweet and gave me a gift card to get a maternity massage and pedicure at my favorite spa. It's a good thing Father's Day wasn't first or I would have definitely dropped the ball.

The highlight of the weekend was the freaking jackpot I hit going to yard sales in Park City. I know it's not cool to brag about buying other people's junk, but I am seriously excited here! I spent $67 and came home with basically most of the baby gear I need, all in super good condition! I'm feeling a little more prepared as time goes on to have this baby after all!