First Day of my Third Trimester- 28 Weeks

I had my first baby shower this week at work! Afterwards I thought, ok maybe being pregnant is just a little bit fun. I work with the most amazing people. Seriously, they are so good to me and I can't imagine working anywhere else. Well I can imagine it, but I picture myself staring at a clock and wanting to pull my hairs out one by one just so I had something to entertain myself with. I've never loved a job as much as I love this one. Being a working Mom is maybe not the most perfect situation, but working at a school you love and being on the same schedule as your kids is definitely second best. I'm going to take two months off for maternity leave. Then when I go back I have the perfect baby sitter situation in the works that will allow me to visit and nurse little Beckett during lunch!

Today marks the beginning of the third trimester.... dun dun dun. I'm not sure how to feel about this. It means I'm that much closer to the end which is exciting and frightening all at once. It also means that the second trimester is officially done which apparently is the best one, so I guess it's downhill from here! I'm not thrilled about the timing of being due right when school starts, but it will be nice to have the summer off if the final stretch is pretty rough. Plus I still have a lot to do! I've mentioned more than once how much I am dreading the heat of summer while being as large as a whale, but I have thought of a few upsides to being due in August: 1. Summer maternity clothes are cheaper to buy and easier to wear. No need to search for mom jeans with that disgusting stretchy belly flap 2. My little baby will not be born during RSV season. 3. Once I'm feeling up to it I will be able to take him out of the house and go for some short walks without being bundled up. 4. I'm hoping to be back to my regular clothes within a few months, but if I fail miserably, fall will be beginning and I can hide behind layers and sweaters!