What's Going On?! My Belly Is Moving!- 28 Weeks

I thought this wasn't going to happen until the very very end. I haven't prepared myself for visible alien movements yet! I've been fine with the little kicks. Even if they are annoying when I'm trying to sleep, it's good to know he's in there having a party! As I reclined on the couch in a very pregnant lady way last night, I was in shock as my stomach moved up, down, and side to side with each kick. The little dude is only barely over 2 pounds! He had to have been swimming laps and then turning and kicking off the wall like in the olympics or something.

Saturday we spent some time with our families yard saling, fishing, and BBQing. Today is Memorial Day and we get to spend it just the two of us! Normally on a day like this we would go mountain biking or to do something exciting. We do a lot more things around the house these days. We don't really have any plans except to paint our new closet doors. Mark has been using the closet in the baby's room, and somehow yesterday I was able to successfully combine our clothes and fit everything into our closet. It's a miracle. Now the baby's closet is ready to start filling with tiny little clothes! I also plan to avoid looking too closely at my moving stomach, finish editing some recent pictures, and spend lots of time in the sun.

Speaking of pictures, I've decided to continue booking sessions through the end of July and then go on "maternity leave" at the beginning of August. I'll take a few months off and then be ready again in time for beautiful fall pictures! That seems so far away. It all seems so far away, but it hit me very hard yesterday that three months from now I will most likely be holding a baby! Unless I go waaaay over my due date. Let's pray that doesn't happen.


Mandy and Brian said...

We need to schedule a picture session. I wanted to wait a bit until Ellie was a bit bigger and more responsive. We also need to get together for some BBQ!