Second Doctor's Appointment- 12 Weeks

Yesterday I had my second appointment. After passing out at the first one, I was dreading that they may have to draw my blood again. I must have been this lady's first real patient to draw blood from. It seems she momentarily forgot the task at hand was "find the vein with one quick jab", instead she was playing "dig in and stir the needle around the poor pregnant girl's arm". When that game got tiring she thought it would be fun to try with the other arm instead. I don't know what her problem was, I have good veins. With the thought of an epidural in my near future, I keep telling myself I passed out from holding my breath for so long, not from fear of the needle. I donated my freakin' plasma in college and that needle is the size of a coffee stirrer. Let's be honest, nobody "donates" their plasma. Poor college students sell their plasma and other body parts to the black market to pay for things like text books.

Don't worry everyone, appointment numero dos does not involve getting your blood drawn. Mark wasn't able to come the first time, but because he could come yesterday my doctor was kind enough to do an extra ultrasound for us. The best part about the second ultrasound is this one is done from the outside. I'm still breathing a long sigh of relief. Other than horseback riding, I am not a big fan of anything that involves stirrups. We got to hear and see the heart beating, and the little lime (that's how big it is right now) even did one little jump to perform for the camera. When your mother is a photographer you have to be photogenic from day one.

As excited as we were to see the baby and know everything is looking good, it was a very hard night with the news that Mark's Grandpa passed away. I did not get the chance to meet him, but it hurts my heart to see Mark and his family hurting. I know that he was a very neat man who fought for our country and had many loved ones that cared so much for him. I thought Mark put the day into words very well when he wrote, "There could be no more evident a display of the power of life than that I would see my unborn child's heart beat for the first time only hours before my grandfather's heart would beat it's last on this earth. The world lost one of the finest men of the greatest generations this country will ever know tonight. I hope to one day be half the man you were. Go find that sweetheart of yours Kay Rusmussen and rest in peace. I love you and will think of you often until we meet again."