Demons- 12 Weeks

I recently read about the most horrific, disgusting, and awful side effect of pregnancy that has not struck me yet, but is sure to happen. Young children and those with weak stomachs may want to stop reading here. Apparently all these little demons people keep referring to as "hormones" cause you to turn into a full on modern day hairy cave woman. Not only does the hair on your head grow out of control, it happens everywhere else! Like places that shouldn't even have hair in the first place! Why didn't someone warn me of this? I have not reached that point yet, but so far I have to shave my legs every 2 hours to avoid looking like a hobbit. I can only imagine what it will be like when the symptoms start to spread. If I get hairy face I will die. I know girls with hairy faces. This is not something other girls joke about lightly. It's the equivalent of having leprosy, but almost worst because many people don't know that they suffer from hairy face syndrome. It's not something that the average joe can spot right away, but when the sunlight is just right.... that's when the hairy face devil decides to show itself; when young, innocent girls are away from mirrors and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine without a care in the world. I have spent many hours examining my skin in magnified mirrors and various levels of light to be 100% sure I am not affected, and now I find out that this awful fate is most likely inevitable. I pray it strikes anywhere but my face.


Leslee said...

Oh Dear Friend......That's what WAX is for. I'm going to visit my Cousin today that is a beautition....I was informed by my sweet husband that I have side burns and wiskers (Thanks to my over load of Testosterone because of Baby boy inside me!) I am grateful my husband warns me of my hairy face syndrom...'s never fun to hear. WAX WAX WAX :)
Good Luck!! I also tend to get a hairy Belly BUTTON.....that gets shaved DAILY. TMI I know.... HA HA....such is life!


Sam M said...

Just be glad that it will all fall out after you have the baby and then you'll feel like you're balding. You can tell your baby, you will do the dishes, I got a hairy face for you!

Diana said...

Ba HAHAHA! Stop borrowing trouble! Not everyone turns into a bear when they are pregnant...however, for the record, there ARE worse places to grow hair than the face. I once saw a pregnant lady with hair in her cleavage! NOT EVEN KIDDING.

B said...

I got a black hair on my stomach with each pregnancy. Now I have two long black hairs on my belly that I have to pluck on a regular basis. Sorry if it's TMI :)