Hungry Mungry- 12 Weeks

I swore I wouldn't be a victim of the cell phone self portrait of my growing belly pictures, but when today was the first time I could really notice that it was bumpin' up in here I couldn't resist. You can see my phone doesn't take the best quality of pictures. I plan to be a little more creative in the future. Besides, I don't really look pregnant right now, just like I had one too many beers last night. 

I still don't like the smell or even the site of food, but I am hungry all the time. It's not in my head either,  if I don't eat every two hours my stomach is growling and bearing teeth. I out eat Mark at every meal, and then two hours later I'm ready for more. This could actually be really fun if I can get my appetite back! Tomorrow is the first day of my second trimester which I am told is the magic trimester when you feel great and walk around with a glowy smile on your face constantly saying, "I sure love being pregnant". I'm really counting on that and if it's not true I'm going to want to punch everyone that has promised me I will feel wonderful. 


Leslee said...

Dear Jamie.....second trimester is wonderful....however, Don't count on the first day of your second trimester being a magic day :) I just barely started feeling more energetic and better about being pregnant and I'm 19 weeks. not to burst your bubble.....just be prepared. But with my first it was about 13/14 weeks that I started feeling good. Keep up the good work with the baby growing!! You're doing awesome. Time is flying it's already the middle of February! You got this.

Diana said...

just remember I never promised you anything about any trimester....but I pray you feel wonderful for your second and most of your third trimester.