Macaroni and Cheese- 12 Weeks

I remember the first time my Mom taught me how to make macaroni and cheese. Finally, I was going to be given the secret to make the delicacy that so many of my childhood lunches and dreams had been built upon. As we waited for the water to boil, the suspense was incredible. Soon I would find out the wonderful blend of ingredients and steps involved in making such a tasty dish. When the noodles were done I remember feeling let down, yet slightly relieved to find that there were three ingredients, one of which came in the box already. Throw them in, stir it up, and there you go! That's all? I expected at least cheese grading or something a little more technical. As I ate the macaroni I was disappointed at first, but slowly began to realize this was great news. All this time I thought that people older than me knew so much more, but now I can see that being an adult must not be that hard at all! All their secrets this whole time: the jobs, stressful days, finances, college, driving a car, and other adult activities that I was supposedly too young to know about were most likely just as simple as the macaroni and cheese! This whole "You'll understand when you're older" and "You can do that when your older" was all a big scam to make kids respect their elders! Now that I knew the secret of the macaroni, I knew that being an adult was going to be as easy as playing in the sand box.

Looking back I can see I might have been off a little bit; being an adult has it's rough moments. But there are many things that once seemed so overwhelming and something I would never be able to do, but when I got there they weren't bad at all! I'm hoping and praying that raising a baby will be similar to my macaroni and cheese experience. Like after child labor the nurse will hand me a blue box with three steps on the back and by following each one my baby will turn out just the way it's supposed to! My little macaroni baby. Wouldn't that be great.