Pregnancy Brain Beginnings- 14 Weeks

  • Last night I was giving Alta her antibiotics she needs from being spayed. I dropped the pill down her throat and as it went in I remember thinking how big it looked. Yes, I was definitely feeding her one of my prenatal vitamins. I reached in and pulled it out right before she had a folic acid overdose. I really hope I haven't been accidentally taking her antibiotics. 
  • While driving to Arizona Mark bought a foot long sandwich. He was doing the usual eat half now, eat half later. At the next stop I threw all the garbage in the car away. When Mark got hungry a few hours later we discovered I had also thrown his sandwich away. I'm not sure how I didn't notice it weighed a lot more than an empty Subway bag. Pregnancy brain is real people. It's very very real. 
  • This past week I craved chocolate, purchased chocolate, and consumed an entire full size candy bar. Because I have spent my whole life loathing and avoiding chocolate and all those who try to make me eat it, all three of these things were firsts for me. 
  • I had my first experience of getting dressed and realizing that some of my clothes are too small. I nearly cried from depression and excitement all at once. I'm still not ready for maternity clothes, but I have a few button up shirts that need to be avoided due to the risk of popping a button. 
  • What the heck Downton Abbey? Way to kill off one of a newborn's parents immediately after they are born. And not only once, but twice in one season. Those weren't two incredibly emotional or depressing episodes for us pregnant people to watch at all.
  • I wonder why I didn't cry when Lady Mary got to hold her baby for the first time, and not even when her husband died (or did he)?  I did however tear up when Carson picked up Baby Sybil and carried her around the house for a bit to calm her down. Maybe what I really want is to be a grandpa?


Lara Kennard said...

Jamie, you are funny! I don't know how you have loathed chocolate your whole life, but I wish I had that problem. I know you've probably heard it a million times and it doesn't really matter what other people think, but you are going to be a very cute pregnant woman. There is such thing. And I've always thought of you as someone who takes really good care of their body so you've prepared yourself (even if you don't think so) for this pregnancy and your body is going to heal faster because of it. I'm really excited for you! I wish Jake and I could be in a better situation and move on to these exciting stages that you and Mark are in :)

Mandy and Brian said...

I totally felt the same way about Downton Abbey. Brian turned to me after Sibyl died and said, "What if that happens to you?" Wow. Thanks honey.