Murphy has a new little sister. She is sweet as ever and very smart. We rescued her so we don't know what breed she is or how old, but the best guess is 2 month old german shepherd/lab. I wanted to give her a winter name because of my love for winter, and we had a giant snow storm right when we got her. Alta is one of  my favorite ski resorts and it just fits! She does all the naughty things Murphy didn't do like pee and chew on everything, but she makes up for it by not being a socially awkward weirdy like he was. I can't wait for her to get big so they can tire each other out and be the best of friends! I know everyone thinks we should be on the baby wagon instead of the puppy wagon, but Murphy needed a friend. I feel like dogs are much happier when they have someone to play with! My animal max is 2 and I hear the baby wagon comes after the puppy wagon....... but it's several miles behind. 


Mandy and Brian said...

She is so cute! Brian and I are jealous...we want a dog so bad! We need to get together soon.