Things I Learned Today

  • Yonanas machines are AWESOME because I can have peanut butter Nutella banana frozen yogurt for breakfast. 
  • After researching Yonana recipes and Nutella info, I learned some wacko lady is suing Nutella for making her and her family fat. She said their commercials were misleading and she thought it was healthy. As part of the settlement, anyone who also feels like they were mislead can write them and they will send you five free jars of Nutella. To make you fatter. I would be embarrassed to admit to such ignorance. 
  • 3D IMAX movies make me motion sick! Avengers was great, but I had to close my eyes during the action parts.... so basically 3/4 of the movie. 
  • Eating a giant bucket of popcorn and then going to Tucanos for dinner will also make me sick. 
  • People aren't joking when they say jobs are hard to come by right now. 
  • Dry shampoo makes my hair look white.
  • Murphy apparently loves my BYU hat; so much he will rip it off my head and run away. I'm not sure if that means he hates or loves BYU. 
  • Mark's birthday it only two days away, which means he is getting old..... which means I am getting old....