And In Other News....

I am the sickest I have been in a long time i.e., slightly achy with a bit of a headache. I don't get sick that often thanks to the fact that by using the student drinking fountain once a day I keep my immune system running like clockwork. If it's having a breakdown and I'm about to get sick then I want to die. Do you know what else makes me want to die? The fact that I deleted all of the blogs I love to read from the side panel and into Google Reader before finding out that Google Reader is stupid. And my new header is too small and now my blog looks like a super boring newspaper. And I tried converting from pages to labels which would have been great if I started two years ago. The point of all this was to organize and simplify. Instead, I'm finding myself entertaining thoughts of throwing my computer off the deck. Blog revamp disaster.

And in other news:

-We attempted lettuce wraps P.F. Chang's style for dinner. It was no P.F. Chang's, but still pretty good.
-I have five more weeks of work before my summer of blissful pool lounging and bon bon eating.
-Because pool lounging and bon bon eating is fun only for so long, I am looking into nanny jobs and temp agencies. Staying busy makes me less crazy, and working during the summer means double paychecks. 
-Sometimes Mark and I take Murphy longboarding. He's doesn't get on the board like Bently the bulldog, but he pulls us up hills like a sleigh dog.