Lone Star Taqueria- Restaurant Review

Move over Cafe Rio! We just discovered Lone Star Taqueria, and we are obsessed! I've never been to one of those little taco buses on the side of the road that people rave about, but I imagine this food is even better. We have been there twice this week, and I wouldn't mind going again for dinner tomorrow.

Food so amazing you will think you died and went to spanish heaven.
Cheap cheap cheap! Somewhere in between Taco Time and Cafe Rio.
The handmade tamales are out of this world crazy good.
The people that work there are friendly as ever and always call me amiga.
I love the atmosphere and decorations. If you go on a warmer night there is seating outside.

Not many places to park.
Any future mexican meals you have the rest of your life will never compare.
The menu is hard to read and doesn't really have descriptions. You can bring your spanish dictionary, or just order the tamales and not have to worry about it.


Mandy and Brian said...

We love Lonestar! Next time you go you should try the burrito adobada. It is delicious...and HUGE!