Warm Weekends and Longer Days Puts Me In A Good Mood

This weekend was awesome for many reason:
Sleeping in (yes, 7 AM is sleeping in for me). 
Catching up on cleaning and groceries.
Making pancakes for breakfast.
Playing tennis. 1.5 games and I am SORE. My tennis muscles are a little out of shape. 
Long sunshine filled walks in mountains.
Naps on the couch with Murphy.
Lots of frozen yogurt! 
We also broke away from the same 10 dinner recipes we make over and over again..... and made this Lasagna Soup

Monday comes so fast! 


Ross said...

Where did the weekend go! It seemed to fly by and now it's time to face another busy week! Hope your weekend was great!

Clayton And Leslee Family said...

I love sunshine! I love this early spring weather. Just hoping the Snow doesn't come back in JUNE! all at the same time I hope we don't head straight back to drought life in UTAH. I love hearing about all your adventures!!