Ok, Just A Few Items of Business:

-My dog is seriously a freaking monster. He has this rubber duck he chewed the butt off of and he carries it everywhere. When he decides it's time to play fetch he shoves the slobbery buttless duck in your face over and over until you get so sick of it you throw the duck. It's the beginning of a never ending cycle of the worlds worst game of fetch.

-Lately I have a serious man appetite. Like a never ending hunger comparable to a high school football player. I am capable of eating an appetizer while cooking, dinner, dessert, and then a pre-bedtime snack.

-We signed another contract for our apartment.... until November. UGH! I had some serious plans to have jobs in the same zip code, a house, a yard for Murphy, and a smaller gasoline bill by now.

-Tax returns..... woooohoooo!

-Please read this absolutely hilarious post about bras...