*I cut my hair!!! I'm loving it, but due to my lack of a shower this week.... I mean.... today..... I'll have to post a picture at another time.
*We saw the new Mission Impossible last night with some friends. I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan, but it was fun to go out!
*Thanks to Park City inviting the indians to do a Snow Ceremony over the weekend, we are getting snow. SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!
*I am one of the few people that works at a school and actually has to work tomorrow. No snowboarding for me. That's ok, everyone is going to be powder hungry mungry.
*My moose dog weighs 68 pounds now! When will it end?
*Our anniversary is coming up! What to do? What to do?
*I have some pictures to share, but could not muster up the energy to put them on the computer. So this is all you get. I know I know.... my blogging quality has been going downhill for some time now. I'm working on it.