-Raising Hope. The only other show that makes me laugh that hard is 30 Rock, but I can relate to Raising Hope so much more.
-Only 1 pound to go until I've lost those dang 4 holiday pounds that came so quickly, and are leaving so slowly.
-Days are getting loooonger!
-When Murphy gets excited and starts biting Mark's ears and paw slapping his face.
-That moment after you've brushed your teeth, washed your face, combed your hair, and you climb into bed. Aaaaahhhhhhhh......


-Waiting 2 more months for the Hunger Games movie to come out..... come on you're killing me!
-Our lack of good snow. I have 4 snowboarding passes burning a hole in my pocket!
-The wonderful tasty banana bread I made.... that stuck to the pan.
-I went shopping for 2 hours tonight and came home empty handed. I think it's because I didn't have any makeup on. Every time I looked in the mirror I felt like what I tried on made me look bad.
-Crossed. Blah. Matched was not so bad, but Crossed took me several months to finish only to be disappointed by a bad ending.


Lara Kennard said...

I am right with you on this Hunger Games movie. I watch the trailer like every other day. And I love the song "Safe and Sound" with Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars. I'm just glad it's not coming out in the summer, but instead the spring because I would go CRAZY!!!

Bon Bon said...

2 more months for Hunger Games! Phew. Gives me enough time to finish reading the series:-) xoxo

Steph said...

nate and i are totally hooked on raising hope too. we started watching season 2 on hulu and realized not too long ago the first season was on netflix. it is HILARIOUS.

Nicklepickle said...

So sad about the matched/crossed comment. I'm reading matched right now. A little strange, but I like it so far... Too bad it doesn't end well.

Dori the Giant said...

Hey you!
I just re-did my blog. I had your button on my Blogs of Fame! I now have a certain size I need for buttons so if you'd like to send me a new one, please let me know!