A Better Person

Mark has a basketball game in Kamas tonight. Me? The Wonder Years, Macaroni n' Cheese straight out of the pot, christmas pajamas, and a minty green face mask. I think this is proof that I'm a better person when my husband is around.

A new who-walks-Murphy-who-cooks-dinner schedule with Mark has provided time for me to start working out again.  I feel like I'm always pretty active, but that's different than putting on work out clothes, my headphones, and dedicating a good 45 minutes to cardio and weights. It's some much needed me time and a great stress reliever. Until this week, I hadn't lifted weights in a few months. I nearly cried raising my arms to straighten my hair this morning.

Still no pictures of my new hair. Arms..... too sore..... to lift...... camera......


Anna said...

If I even owned Xmas PJ's I'd be rockin' them.

And good for you, lady! I'm worried I won't be able to get up of the couch tonight after all the lunges I did this afternoon.

Mike and I actually went for a run together today. It was great, he is such a great motivator when I want to stop at cry after 1 mile...lol

Kira said...

I kind of love the pain of a good workout, makes me feel like it's working!