Gay Light Savings

Seeing the snow in the mountains today made me so excited for winter! As you may know, winter is my favorite season. There is only one down side: daylight savings. I dread daylight savings more than I dread going to the gynecologist. That's a lot of dreading. 

I love this picture because of the snow and the sun; the two go hand in hand. Summer nights rock, but winter nights are not so great. I don't understand the point of daylight savings. All I know is I wake up and drive to work in the dark, and then I get home right as the sun is going down. That only leaves me in the mood for heavy creamy warm food, sweats, and the couch. I've come to the conclusion that daylight savings is a contributing factor to America's obesity. 


Mary Nevin said...

gorgeous!! looks like so much fun!! :)

HealBalanceLive said...

Love the new header!!