Couch Time

It's a Saturday night and I'm sitting at home, just me and Murph, in my sweats. That must mean there is a BYU game. Murphy is only in a cuddly mood as often as I'm in the mood for Top Ramen: about once a week. Not often enough for Murph cuddles, too often for Top Ramen cravings.

Mark and I went car shopping today. We are once again Jeep owners. Buying cars always stresses me out, and I always tear up in the dealership. Totally embarrassing, but it's a stressful decision! I can't imagine the wreck I'll be when we purchase a house. Those car guys are so pushy I nearly punched one in the face. Hopefully I won't have to deal with that again for a long time. We both plan to keep our cars until they are basically dead, which hopefully will be several years away. And on a side note.... I've been on a search for the perfect yellow scarf. Mission accomplished today.


Steph said...

you're so much braver than me! i don't think i could EVER face a car dealer without having a total meltdown. thank God we buy all our cars from individuals instead. go you for making it out of there and getting a new car! exciting! :)