Why I Blog

I've taken a bit of a break from blog reading and writing lately. To be honest, it started to bug. I feel like so many people blog not because they like to write, but because they like knowing that people are reading about their lives. At times it's a popularity contest, an adult version of high school. To say I don't care if people read my blog wouldn't be true. If you didn't care at all if anyone read your blog you would either A. Not have a blog or B. Keep a journal. I like being able to share things with my friends and family, make people laugh by sharing embarrassing stories, and if there is a stranger or two out there that finds my arbitrary pictures and writing interesting thats awesome. There are several stranger's blogs I follow for various reasons: to learn something new, because we have a lot in common, we don't have a lot in common but they are higher than me on the cool scale and I would like to be like them, witty writing makes me laugh, etc....

There was a period of time when I was comment crazy. Comment here, comment there, comment everywhere. In return my blog gained several new readers and several comments itself. As soon as I stopped commenting so much, my readers were dropping like current interest rates. I continued to read the blogs I love, but only left a comment once in a while when I had an honest sincere thing to say. It's flattering to know that people like to read your writing, but the standard "nice pics", and "looks like you had a fun weekend" comments from complete strangers seemed so lame to read or to say to other people.

It seems that some people blog and read other blogs for comments and "followers". I've mentioned this before, but how creepy is it that we have "followers"? Sounds very cult like to me. Come.... join my blog..... be a CP follower..... do not look back......you are mine now........ buuuahahahhaha!

Now I can step down from my soapbox. I prefer sitting anyway. I'm ready to start blogging more again. There's so many great things that I've skipped, such as the incredible potatoes and chicken we made tonight with fresh herbs. Photographing and writing about good food never gets old. I'm not going to blog for comments, followers, or to gain sponsors. Not that there is anything wrong with that. If I could make money writing about my life I would. But nothing is more annoying than blogs that are a giveaway or about a sponsor every other post. What? Somehow I tripped and fell onto that soapbox again.

I'm going to continue documenting our life on this little blog for many reasons:
-I love taking pictures.
-I love designing blogs.
-It's an outlet for my artistic side.
-It's great to make other people laugh, even if those occasions are few and far between.
-I hate scrap booking more than doing dishes.
-I want to document our life weather it's repetitive and lame or exciting and adventurous.
-Because I know of at least 2 people that enjoy reading my writings: my Mom and Grandma.
-Because I have made some bloggy friends that I may not get the chance to meet, but we have a lot in common and enjoy getting to know each other through the wacky things we blog about. Modern day pen pals.
-Because I just want to.

And I'm going to keep reading your blogs because I love them! But I may not leave a comment haha.

Now that I got all of that out of me, let me share this picture with you. Mark sent me flowers at work for my birthday which has always been kind of a dream of mine haha. I know this was forever ago, but I have a little bit of catching up to do! Seriously, such a sweetheart.


megan said...

I get you on the whole "feelings" struggle with blogging... I think I'm still trying to figure out the "right" way of doing this whole thing without getting caught up in the lame stuff, but I know when I'm not wandering around blog land and working on posts, I miss it! It's good to step back sometimes and re-evaluate why you do what you do, and move forward.

On another note... I have ALWAYS wanted flowers to surprise me at work! :)

Chickavee said...

Dude. I think there's a blog out there for soapboxing. You should check it out, it's at ....
Ha! You thought I was gonna send you a link to my blog didn't you?

Anna said...

I've missed you! But I agree completely - and sometimes I get caught up in it. It's easy to cross the line from blogging for yourself to blogging for the popularity.

I try really hard to stay away from the "fake" side of blogging.

But anyway, I'm glad you're back because I really do love reading your blog - especially when you post about your puppy! lol

Britt-Britt said...

I'd like to enter another category. Category C. those who are lazy and say "hey I'll start a blog" but only post once every couple months. Now thats how you keep down on followers ;). Oh by the way if you didn't catch on, I'm category C haha.
I understand what your talking about, I have a few of my friends and family who have my blog address and they check in from time to time. Your my first stranger follower by the way...thought you should know that your trapped now and I will hunt you down if you quit following buuahahahaha

Mama Walker said...

Nice to have you back. Please add me with your Mom and Grandma...remember I am the mom of the man who sent you flowers!!!!

Kristen @ GDSConfessions said...

I'm right there with you, dude, for reals. I took a blogging break as well and tried to regather myself and why I blog in the first place. I was worrying about stupid things like how many followers/comments/page views I got. Should I do sponsors? What will people think of me?!?!

It's stupid, really, because I told myself I would never do that. Bottom line is you should blog for yourself and yourself only. Once you do it to serve other people you have lost your luster. And if you love someone's post, by all means, leave a comment! If not, move on to the next. I know when a comment is left only because they had blog reading to catch up on. It's empty and rushed and I wonder, "what's the point?"

Who cares. Do your thing, girl. Blog for you and whoever is interested will follow :)

Looking forward to your photography and recipes!

Steph said...

oh, the conundrums of blogging...

i say do what you want when you want for whatever reasons you want.

i'm personally glad you're sticking around, though. because i'll definitely miss you and murphy and the family and your blog if you leave! :)

Lucky Monkey said...

I think there needs to be a D category.. I like when people read my blog but I keep it cuz I am to lazy to scrapbook but want to document our family life. Mainly my boys.. I will print it off in to a book someday. ha ha

michael. mindy. dane. said...

i couldn't have said it better myself, yo.