I write so infrequently now that I now just kind of summarize the events in my life. I hate that. Not that the events in my life are exciting enough to write volumes about, but apparently I was born with the ability to write several paragraphs regarding things like my socks and beauty products. I've officially finished editing pictures and man oh man it's a lot of work! I'm starting to learn why other photographers charge so much. Now maybe I will have the desire to take pictures of my own life and start writing again. Until then.... how about a little summarization of the past week?

  • Breakfast in bed from my sweet husband and dog. Best boys ever. 
  • We watched scary movies all weekend. Now I can no longer walk through the dark gym at school or close my eyes in the shower without picturing a creeper coming in the bathroom while I'm not looking. 
  • Our bike rack broke. Stupid $90 of plastic. Hopefully I can find a not-so-crappy one for much cheaper going to yard sales with my Mom this weekend! 
  • Love my job. Hate dealing with rude people. Maybe I'll visit them where they work and go in to harass them and make a big scene. 
  • Mark and I both only had to work half the day today. We spent the afternoon on a date eating frozen yogurt, seeing The Help, and having Japanese for dinner. We don't go on many dates now that we have a child dog to tend to when we get home from work. 
  • I'm starting to sense a little bit of fall in the air. Cooler days and beautiful leaves are just around the corner. Which means my birthday is too! 
  • I think this is the last year that my birthday is supposed to be an exciting event. After this it's only 5 years to 30 and 30 seems to be the age that people start trying to hide their age. Once you leave your twenties you're officially an old adult and each day you wake up your body get squeakier and creakier. Bring it late 20's. I'm ready. 
  • Pandora comedy station. Funnest commute yet.


Chase, James, Mandy and Joe said...

Jamie Jamie Jamie---I have loved my "thirties" so far--I am only 31--but so far it's been much better than my twenties!! Don't worry it's not as bad as it seems :]
and PS Grandma and Grandpa Walker are old adults not me! LOL
Love ya