Bargains Baby

I finally have a fancy pants phone which took this picture of our little family driving somewhere fun. Pretty good quality huh? I know everyone else's phone can take pictures this good too, but it's a first for me! So far I've only taken pictures of my dog, I guess I need to branch out a little. This is what Murphy does the entire drive, two paws on the back seat, two paws on the console. What a goof. 

Remember when I talked about yard sales a while ago? Well I had a hay day yesterday. I went to yard sales in the morning, and the D.I. and Old Navy in the afternoon. I spent $60 and basically have a full fall wardrobe, minus the shoes. Used shoes are not my thing. I scored some new jeans, a scarf, DKNY jacket, Charlotte Russe shirt dress, belt, pants for work, brand new Nike hat, two Gap sweaters, a few long sleeve shirts, and a bike rack. I'm not one to post pictures of my outfits, so hopefully you can use your imagination. The bike rack was not meant to be listed as a clothing item, but you can picture me wearing it if you want. 


Ashley said...

wow! it sounds like you got a lot for $60!!

Congrats on upgrading your phone =) I took 260 pictures in the first 3 months of having my new phone haha! =)

Claire said...

wow! what a good haul! i never remember to take pictures on my phone, i quite often think, i wish i had my camera, and never think to use the phone! durrr!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

um. just post the pictures.

Steph said...

your phone takes way better pictures than mine.

nice haul!