Bad Things Come In Threes

My bike mysteriously fell off the bike rack Monday on the way to spend a fun holiday in the mountains. A diesel ran it over and a few other cars bumped into it. And when you "bump" into something while driving 80 MPH it tends to damage it pretty good. It could have been so much worse and I'm glad no one was driving right behind us, but this seriously sucks. We just bought our bikes! I guess Mark can still ride his bike and I'll ride Murph. He's getting big enough you know.

The same day Mark lost his wallet. Loosing your wallet is just the start of many annoying events that will follow: Getting a new license. Canceling all debit and credit cards. Calling any companies that have automatic payments associated with those cards. UGH.

And just to make sure that the sucky events didn't end on an even number, someone backed into our car yesterday. This is all such a pain and happened so closely together you can't help but laugh.

C'est la vie. Right?


Amber said...

I'm so sorry. That's a rough week! Things always get better after a sucky week though so your headed for better things (I hope).

kira said...

Bad things really do seem to come in threes. But, you have had your three so hopefully that means this is all over!

Steph said...

at least the bad things are over! right? hope things get start looking up!

Mandy and Brian said...

That stinks. Isn't it so like life to throw everything at you at once? Three people in my family got robbed last week, all in different had their entire house cleaned out. 3 is definitely not a good number.