Something is in the air, and whatever it is, it's making me go crazy. Within the past 10 days I've turned into a ravenous, starving, junk food hungry, snack attack, candy monster. Please make it stop. Someone said it's because the weather is changing. I guess my body knows winter is coming so it's time to fatten up to keep warm! Thank heavens for big coats and sweaters to hide behind. I can not wait for fall to be here! We've definitely stocked up on mulled cider candles, and cinnamon-nutmeg-fall-smelling oils.

This picture is from fall 2008 when we were dating long distance. We started dating in September, exactly three years ago. I don't feel like it's really been that long!


kira said...

I'm so excited for Fall! It has been around 90 degrees for the past week in Portland. I'm hoping for that to calm down soon. I would like to pull out the sweaters.