Writing Therapy

Remember when I wrote this post about journals? I used to spend hours every day just writing. It was the only way to make it through those torturous economics and biology classes. This blog has slowly become my journal, and I miss just writing whatever comes to my head in a spastic unorganized fashion. It's very therapeutic and stress relieving. Before I go any further I'd like to warn you you're about to get a glimpse of what goes on inside my brain. This post may be long, boring, and consist of several random facts about my dog.

The spinning instructor at the class I go to is nuts. I think she's had one too many energy drinks and not enough solid food. She's tiny, blonde and talks extremely loud. I love how much energy she has because it pumps you up and keeps you going through the class. I do tend to get weirded out when she hops off her bike and starts walking up and down the isles of bikes dancing. Not just I'm-so-pumped-I-feel-like-dancing dancing. More like one hand in the air, one hand on your bike, sings in your face, and is definitely rocking those hips a little too close for comfort. You know how I feel about my personal space.

I felt like a proud parent at my son's first soccer game watching Murphy play with the other dogs at the dog park. He's the sweetest thing in the whole world and when he sits next to me on the couch I pretend that he loves me to pieces and he's not just sitting there because it's comfier than the floor. Last night was his first night not sleeping in his kennel. We put his bed on our floor and he slept like a baby. He didn't chew, poo, or bark. I'm so proud.

I had an answer to my prayers yesterday. I've been stressing and praying that we would figure out the best thing to do with Murphy while we're at work. Everyone says to put him in his kennel and he'll be just fine. The thought just made me sick. I tried to think of every other possibility including sneaking him into work disguised as a kindergarten student. He's totally smart, it would have worked. I met the nicest lady in our same building and our ward, who doesn't work and also has a dog. I'm going to pay her $20 a week to walk him during lunch every day. You're killing my budget dog. We should have named you dollars to continue the Quarter legacy. It's totally worth it though. Now at work I can picture him frolicking under a rainbow chasing birds and butterflies instead of being locked in dog jail.

Having the entire summer off of work is freaking awesome. But when it's time to go back, I think I'm going to be ready. I don't know how people without kids stay home. There's only so much cooking, cleaning, and pool laying one girl can handle.

I just found out Netflix is increasing their prices by 70%. 70% people!!! That's just robbery. Those sneaky Netflix dudes. Let's have rock bottom prices for 2 years. Run all of the other movie rental companies out of business, and once the last one dies.... HIYA!!! Jack our prices through the roof and all movie lovers will bow down before us because they don't have a choice. Oh Netflix, you little devil.

Mark's bike broke when we were in St. George which seems like months ago and we still don't have it back. I'm super anxious to go riding. He's taking all of next week off of work so we can play and I sure hope it's fixed by then! Agenda items besides bike riding include: 7 Peaks, tennis, Lava Hot Springs, camping at Island Park, skim boarding in the Great Salt Lake, and eating lots of treats.

I almost fell over with excitement when I stood on the scale and it said I had lost 2 more pounds. Dirty rotten liar. I then noticed it it was on a crack in the tile and after straightening it the scaled revealed the truth.

I don't plan to write things like this often, but today I was procrastinating doing the items on my to do list. If you read to the end of this then you must have been procrastinating your to do list too.


Claire said...

lol oh my to do list,,,i have such a long one and go away fri eeeeeeek. i liked this post, it feels like you're talking haha

Bon Bon said...

Boo on Netflix! We actually just cancelled our account, cause we weren't really using it. Good timing! xoxo

samnhal said...

I agree, writing in a journal as a stream of consciousness really helps me release stress also.

Steph said...

you caught me! TOTALLY putting off my to-do list. i've crossed off four things and still have about a bajillion more to go.

i've always wanted to take a spin class. but the instructors freak the mess out of me.

what do you teach?

Diana said...

I think it's good to spend a few minutes to just write and do nothing else. Our creative psyche needs it!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I agree that writing is the best therapy ever.

I wish I could read this post easier. For some reason the font doesn't show up well on my screen.

Maybe I am just old. :)

Lisa Maria said...

I love this post! I consider myself a writer, but haven't written in a journal for ages an ages... you inspire me! And I am so glad your dog doesn't have to stay in dog jail all day, haha.