The Fire Swamp

With this being our last Saturday before my summer vacation ends, I wanted to do something extra adventurous. Mountain biking? On the Bobsled trail that says "advanced aerobic and technical ability required"? Yes please. What's that Mark? You think we're not good enough yet? Oh heck yes we are. Let's go kick that trails butt.

It begins with a mile straight up the paved hill of doom at the top of the Avenues in Salt Lake. Some people buy bikes to ride them. We just like to push ours up hills. Once we reached the trail head I was so pleased with myself for not throwing up yet. Little did I know, just because the trail turns to dirt doesn't mean it's downhill from there. Another fun-filled mile of pushing our bikes uphill while cursing the bikers we always see riding up Parleys Canyon.... and their calves.

Finally, we reached the top and were ready to take the exciting trail down! Oh all that nonsense of walking and pushing our bikes was going to be worth it when we were cruising down the roller coaster of a trail and having the time of our lives!

To say the trail downhill was steep and rutty is an understatement. Imagine riding down a loosely graveled Mount Everest shortly after an earthquake. And so the carrying of the bikes continued. The fun really started when the bees decided to join us. The mud (oh did I forget to mention that at this point the trail had a stream running down it and we were slopping through mud?) was apparently attracting the bees. Lots and lots of bees. We had no choice but to go forward because climbing back up that hill would have surely killed us. I'm sure it was quit the site: the two of us running/falling downhill trying to keep control of our bikes while swatting at the bees and praying they don't get pissed. Didn't I hear that scientists are confused by all the bees that are dying right now? Well they're not. They've migrated to the Bobsled Trail. Mystery solved.

We made it through the Fire Swamp and survived the R.O.U.S. The trail finally turned into what we came for: a curvy downhill roller coaster of joy and happiness. And then.... I wrecked. My first hardcore mountain bike wreck. Bloody road rash and all. This is the first time in my life that I was so grateful I had a helmet on. My head slammed into the ground as the back of my bike flipped over me. I have a headache now, but I can't imagine how I would be filling if I hadn't had a helmet on!

We've decided to stick to moderate trails from now on.

The pictures don't do the battle wounds on my arm and leg justice. Let's just say it was the most terrible shower of my life. I can't complain that I didn't have one last adventurous hurrah though!


Faith said...

glad you were wearing a helmet! but talk about a great adventure before your summer vacation officially ends!

Happy Wife said...

I'm so glad you're okay!! I'd be so scared. I would never face the 'Fire Swamp' with such bravery ;) Though your Wesley/Hubs was at your side to defend and protect you. You're so hard core!
Mad props to you and your adventure!