Most embarrassing moment of the week:
Me: "Hi, my name's Jamie."
Girl: "Hi, my name's so-and-so."
Me: "Oh I know you from Facebook!"
Holy cow, can I be any more of a creeper?

Most terrible smell to wake up to: the result of changing Murphy's dog food. He sure showed us. I love playing pooper scooper at 6:00 AM.

Most amazing dinner recipe can be found here. I think I've shared this one before, but it's worth sharing again. I freeze it and take it to work for lunch.


Bon Bon said...

This post is the most fun:-) Facebook stalking does make for some awkward moments! xoxo

kira said...

Yeah, I often know too much about people before I actually meet them because of Facebook. I try to keep that information to myself, but sometimes it does accidentally slip out.

Faith said...

hahaha, i haven't done the facebook thing yet but i hate when i go to the basement and kitty has just taken a dump ... worst smell ever!

Steph said...

bahahaha! love it!