"Spring" Break

This week was my so called "Spring" Break. It was supposed to be spent camping, hiking, sitting by the fire, and sleeping under the stars. Thanks to this storm.... anywhere within driving distance was going to get some massive rain or snow. I was so looking forward to going away, but I guess that will be for another weekend...

Luckily Mark had taken the time off work so we've been able to play anyway!

Spring Break Highlights

-By far my favorite snowboarding day of the season. Not really "spring skiing" t-shirt and sunglasses style, but the powder was out of this world!

-Sleeping in 4 days in a row.... wowza!

-Convincing Mark to do Yoga with me. And he made gluten free cinnamon rolls on his own. I think my Mom and I may be rubbing off on him.

-Taking a trip to GNC. Our new workout routine begins TOMORROW. Goodbye winter chub.

-Speaking of winter chub.... we made more homemade treats and yummy dinners in 5 days than we usually do in 1 month.

-Sitting in the hot tub while it snowed.

Spring Break Not So Highlights 

-Not be able to take beautiful pictures like I had planned (hence the rather boring post). There's only so many pictures of us snowboarding and from inside our apartment one camera can handle. Come to me spring! My camera is feeling neglected. 

-Finding out our rent is going to shoot through the roof and not knowing if it's better to stay here, or downgrade to a different apartment and save more money. This adult thing can be rough!

-The piles of clothes that just keep cropping up all over our apartment. Is someone go to do something about that?

The photo below is from a while ago. Due to this post's lack of funny stories or interesting facts, I thought I'd share a reminder with you: DO NOT PUT HAND SOAP IN YOUR DISHWASHER. Somehow I've made this mistake twice


Bri said...

haha, i'll make a mental note to nevert put hand soap in the dishwasher. this sounds like something i would do. hahaha thanks for the laugh :)

Happy Wife said...

Oh my goodness!!! I've totally done the wrong soap in a dishwasher. My problem was that it wasn't even at my own house!!
I'm glad your Spring Break was still filled with some good highlights!