Time To Laugh- From Vicky

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It's time for another funny story! I'm so glad that Vicky sent me another one to share. It let's me know I'm not alone in the I-have-multiple-embarrassing-moments category. So many of you have told me you can't think of any to share. Odd, because I can think of at least 4 more of mine that I haven't shared yet! I'm basically a big walking embarrassing moment waiting to happen. Don't worry, I'll be sharing them soon.

Check out Vicky's blog, The Soap, here. And now let's read....

My husband was at work.  The kids had just laid down for a nap.  I stepped out the back door to get some fresh air. As I stood enjoying my moment of solitude, I smelled something not-so-lovely. From the side of my back porch came the smell of gas.  That's where our grill happened to be.  I sniffed around it, noticed a hissing sound, and found that the propane tank was leaking.  I totally freaked out.  If that thing blew up, it could totally ruin our house, maybe hurt my poor babies.   That was crazy scary.

So I did what any sane, rational-thinking woman would do- I called 911.

The dispatcher promptly contacted the fire department.  This was a dangerous situation, after all.

I waited, patient and frantic at the same time, for them to arrive. As I waited, I checked the grill repeatedly to make sure it hadn't exploded yet.  (Because I wouldn't know if it had if I weren't checking it.) I also checked out front to see if the fire department had shown up yet.  At this point they hadn't, but a friend of mine had pulled in front of my house.  I told her all about what had happened.  She went to the backyard with me to check it out.

Then she showed me something .  She showed me that the propane tank on my grill had a mysterious handle on it.... at least it was mysterious to me. What was it for? Turns out it was a shut-off valve.  And it happened to be turned on. She did a righty-tighty on that shut-off valve.  The hissing stopped.  No more gas smell.

Oh my, that's a little embarrasing. But still....
....Yay! My house and kids wouldn't blow up after all!  That is really good news.

Then....  the firemen showed up.....  in a bigred fire truck.

And I had to explain what had happened....while my neighbors stood on their porches.  Watching. I had to explain that my husband (yes, I'm blaming it on him) left the grill on.... and all I had to do was turn it off....  and that nothing was in imminent danger of exploding. 

Thanks Vicky! If you would like to send in a story to be shared, you can e-mail me at jamielb_03@hotmail.com. We could all use a little laugh!