Hey Husband

You're my favorite. 
Pretty much the best friend I ever had and you're just a really cool dude. 


I can't believe it's almost your birthday!
I can't believe we're moving to Kamas soon (even if it's just for a few weeks during our homeless transition stage).
I can't believe how much it cost to register our car. I think I threw up on the Grease Monkey guy. 
I can't believe that you forgot to turn the Crockpot on before you went to work. Poor tortilla soup.
I can't believe how many sentences I can come up with that begin "I can't believe". 
I can't believe how much I love you! More than a fat kid loves cake. 


Kimberlee said...

Dang...I hate when I forget to turn the crock-pot on. It's absolute worst on Sundays when you come home starving to raw meat in the crock-pot.

Mel said...

This is precious :)

samnhal said...

Oh wow, you're moving to kamas until you find a new apartment? Kamas is so far away from Ogden!

Nicklepickle said...

Moving to lamas?? Please just come up to Ogden so we have friends... Second I totally feel you on the whole car registration thing. We just did that and I almost started crying..