I Want To Get Away

That's it. I've had it. I'm in a fight. The weather and I are not getting along well. I don't want to see it's stupid stormy face again. I am so antsy to play in the wonderful sunshine, go for a hike, play tennis, anything but run from one place to another bundled up in my coat trying to protect my hair from the rain. 

Because of this bad weather my itch to get out of town is about to explode. Spring break was stormy so our long awaiting camping trip was canceled. The next time we have an extra long weekend is the weekend we have to move! Ugh. 

And let me just explain one more reason why I want to go on a vacation.

Kid at school today: Can I call my Mom? I don't feel good.
Me: Sure
Kid: Hi Mom I don't feel very bbbblllllllllaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh bbbbbbaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrffffffffff
(Phone being puked on. Well more like into.)
Me: Running over with a garbage can.
Mom: Did you just throw up?
Kid: Yeah. bbbblllllllllaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh bbbbbbaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrffffffffff
Me: Holding puked on phone as an endless amount of school lunch keeps coming. Look of "This is just great" on my face.

Hopefully I'll get to do this again soon. 
Walk on a foggy beach to nowhere in particular. 


The Jacob Kennard Family said...

Oh Jamie! I'm so sorry! I'm with you though. Summer had better get here! I'm wanting a vacation way bad too. I don't have kids barfing so I can't exactly empathize so all I can say is... I'm sorry! Summer is coming, I can feel it!

samnhal said...

oh my gosh!! What did you do? Did you have to clean it all up? I'm so sorry, I totally think that warrants a vacation. I'm heading on vacation soon, and I'm dying! Sun here I come! I'll bring some of it back for you...hopefully.