The Difference Between Pages and Labels

The next "How To" post will be about making pictures for your page or label links! I know that's they one you're all waiting for! First I want to describe the difference between pages and labels and how to make them.

There are two different ways to organize your posts: labels or pages. I mainly use Pages. It's up to you which method you want to use! I will describe the differences below, and then show to do each one.

The only posts I label are my "Time To Laugh" series. Click here for an example. You will see all of my posts that I have labeled "Time To Laugh" in chronological order.

A page does not show the date you added to it like a post. For example when you go to an About Me page, you don't generally see the date with this was added. I have decided to use pages to organize my posts. Each time I write a new post, I decide what page I would like to add it to. I then add the title of the post to the page, and then link my post to the title. Click here for an example.

How To Label Your Posts
When you are writing a new post, there is a box in the bottom right corner that says "Labels". Let's say you are posting a recipe. If you want all of your recipes to show up under a "Recipes" link, then title that post "Recipes". Label all of your recipes the same and they will always show up under the "Recipes" link. Remember that by clicking on the link, all of the recipes will show in chronological order.

Under "Design" you can choose to have your labels go across the top of your blog under your header, or down the side of your blog.

How to make Pages
Let's say you want to make an "About Me" page or a "Recipes" page.

1. Click on "New Post" in the right of your screen.
2. Under the "Posting" tab you will see three small links: New Post, Edit Posts, and Edit Pages. Click "Edit Pages".
3. Click "New Page".
4. You can now add the text for the page. If you are adding your recipes, then add the title of your recipe post, highlight it, and link it to your post. It is a little more work this way verses the labels, but also easier for your readers to find what they're looking for.
5. Under "Design" you can choose to have your pages go across the top of your blog under your header, or down the side of your blog.


samnhal said...

This was helpful. I do label, and I use pages. I just want to figure out how to put my labels better under a page called labels. I found a way to do it online, and it has each individual post listed under the label name, but I don't want it like that. I want it more like how you posted that link to just look at your labels. How did you post a link to your labels? I saw someone have their labels linked to a picture, (You just clicked on the picture and it took you to all of the posts of that label in chronological order, not just each post as a link) I think I can figure that out if I can figure out how to access my labels better. Did that make any sense? These posts are really helpful!

samnhal said...

That is exactly what I was asking, in a much more convoluted way, of course. Awesome, I'm excited to see how to do it.